Legends TM


There are Many Legends in this World!

 Here are a few of them.

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 Here is the “Legends” Page.

These animals all exist in our hearts and our minds.

 The Pixie Bob is based on such a “legend” and I felt this page would be a wonderful story of its own showing that there is no such thing as a Legend Cat TM.

This is why we are referring to our cats as “Foundation Cats”.

 The Unicorn Legend TM

A Mystical horse with Magical powers. Now I ask You 

Is it a Myth or a Legend ?

The Rabbit Legend TM

Part Rabbit Part Antelope. This Animal is known as the

 Jack a  Lope

The Pegasus Legend TM

Part horse Part Magical Creature With  Powers 

sacred to Zeus. 

We all know who Bigfoot is.

But Does he exist?

The Loch Ness Monster from Scotland.

Affectionately known as Nessie.

Boy, will Nessie be mad if she’s a boy





Past kittens