A little About Me
they say a picture is worth a thousand words..

I have been asked about how the kittens are Raised well here is a Little page to show you 

my other hobbies are Gardening,Cooking and Reef life salt water.

All are very fun and i find them enjoyable .

I grow tropical plants, Edible Bananas , Citrus, Plumeria, Pataya fruit Or Dragon fruit Cactus. Avocados. all Organic . Plus my little  garden

This is Me  and the rest Are family .

This is Partner My Sheltie, Ive had him for 14 yrs .
he has been a blessing in my life threw thick or thin and Loves the cats as if they where His .His Nick Names are Thunder bottom and Snuggle Bunny

Partner Died May 21 at 14 yrs and 3 days .
My Best friend .. I will forever miss him as he literally saved my life. It wont be the same with out him 
Taken the day before he passed .

Meet Figaro and Baby My Parrots

Baby is Amazon Figaro is my African Grey this was a happy Moment as baby was a rescue bird who was accused of being a nasty Bird that needed to be put down. The guy holding them is mark My best friend.

Tropical hobbies


Fruiting Tropicals

Rare and unusual/Tropicals

The African Queen

Grown here in Florence No Green house Needed

MY Birthday present from Mark when i was On Vacation to Missouri

He built the benches and seats Too

with this green house i have been Blessed in Starting from seed some of the rarest plants as well as some that are well Pretty spendy.

I have put it to Good Use and made a jungle room for my birds . it is still in its early stage but I am Very happy to have the green house.

I also Have time To Cook

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