References we have from buyers of long tails and short

My son has expressed to me several times the only pet he "respected" was a Pixie Bob.  He has a friend in the Seattle area that has been raising Pixie Bobs as pets. He stated they are extremely intelligent and are incredible pets.  I'm not sure what made me pursue this, but in later months I began researching Pixie Bobs online.  There was one website that hauntingly called out to me.  I made a phone call and left a message, not really expecting what was going to happen.  I received a return call, and I began talking with the owner and breeder of Ocean Sprite Pixie Bobs, Tammy Norton.  I could hear her kitties "talking in the background" to her, and she was talking to them as we had our telephone conversation.  It became an intriguing phone call for me because of the ongoing love between the owner and all her cats/kittens, so I expressed an interest in a female kitten.  Tammy (the breeder) was explicit in the terms and conditions, and I was very respectful of her wishes.  Tammy and I had talked afterwards several times, and I had her select a female kitten (sight unseen), as Tammy's camera wasn't working.  I had felt an immediate trust with her on the telephone.  Her expertise and knowledge with the breed impressed me.  I wanted to surprise my son with an "I love you gift".  Not going into too much detail, Tammy went ABOVE AND BEYOND what any other breeder would have done or that I have experienced to see that I get this special gift for my son.   I verbally bought the kitten sight unseen because I was overwhelmed with my comfortable feeling with Tammy's honesty of her Pixie Bob's lines and their quality of breeding.  Shortly after, I had the little female Pixie Bob to give to my son as a gift.  She was the most beautiful kitten I had ever seen when I received her, and it was love at first sight for my son.  Tammy was very informative of every detail of our transaction and the deep care in what she provides for her kittens and cats.  There hasn't been a time I haven't been able to communicate with Tammy for questions and details of what I need to do for care with our kitten.  One of the things that I most admired about Tammy, is that each and every cat/kitten are exposed to the loving daily care of their owner.  When you receive a kitten/cat from Tammy, they have been exposed to a loving and caring home.  Also, Tammy is always increasing her knowledge of her Pixie Bob's by staying in touch with other breeders.  She takes her time to deal with other Pixie Bob raisers, so that she always learns new ideas and takes the care and time to increase her knowledge, as they do from her.  Meeting Tammy Norton has been one of the most endearing moments in my life, not to mention, the beautiful new kitten that has changed our lives.

I highly recommend Tammy Norton's Ocean Sprite Pixie Bobs, and I highly recommend Tammy Norton as a breeder who provides kindness, love, sincerity, and honesty with people who have the privilege of meeting her.  Tammy raises incredibly beautiful Pixie Bobs.  Thanks, Tammy!

Sincerely, Carol Owens

I bought Odin (a long tail kitten) from Ocean sprite Pixie bobs just over a year ago and he has been a joy to have around ever since. From the minute we got him home and gave him a shower, in which no one was scratched, he has been the best behaved cat I had ever seen. Once he settled in, he has wanted nothing more than to be held, and to follow his people (my girlfriend and I) around. I have never known a cat that just wants attention and has a need to be around people all day long like Odin does, he has gone so far as to sleep nights and stay up days to spend more time around us. I am also amazed that he is just over a year old, and we have never had to discipline him with anything more than a harsh word. Tammy suggests a water bottle or squirt gun, but Odin has never needed anything in the way of discipline since we have known him. The only things he has destroyed are his toys that he loves to play fetch with. When we took him to the vet for a checkup The doctor said he has extremely good liver and kidney function when is blood tests came back in. He also said that Odin has no abnormalities in the blood tests, which is surprising since in his experience almost all house cats than come through the door have some sort of either physical or blood issue and it is a rarity to see one without any issues. Lastly the vet said to expect the cat to be around for a long time which is what I was hoping to hear. Odin never ceases to amaze us and the only regret I have is that I could not convince our landlord to let us have two of these amazing cats. I read that a Pixie bob was the golden retriever of cats, and now I understand why. This cat needs no cat time; he just needs human attention and physical contact. Odin is the single most affectionate and loyal pet I have ever had.

Ken K

  Odin is one of my long tailed kittens ... they all get the same care.